Coach K’s Services

  • Preliminary academic evaluations
  • Individualized tutoring sessions
  • Development of learning plans and collaborations with parents
  • Organizational skills coaching, including Organization in a Box ™
  • ACT prep/practice tests
  • Advocate for students
  • IEP/504 Case Manager
  • College essay coaching
  • FaceTime tutoring available

A graduate of the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis, Kailey Dreyfus majored in Entrepreneurship and minored in Psychology.

Coach K’s philosophy is that every student can be a star if given the right tools to make him or her shine. Kailey will work with you and your child on an individual basis to create a unique and successful learning plan.

After serving as a tutor and coach for several years in St. Louis and the Chicago area, Kailey moved her business in May 2016 to 493 Laurel Avenue in Highland Park, located directly across from the Highland Park Public Library.

“Kailey is the most dedicated, valuable teacher you could ever find.  She is professional beyond compare and truly understands the art of “teaching”. She is engaging, passionate and enthusiastic. Both of my children, one preparing for the ACT and the other only six-years-old, love working with her.”


“Kailey Dreyfus is a necessity.  Kailey is able to help, teach and mentor all three of my children in their unique ways. She has successfully tailored her program to accommodate three very different learning styles.  Kailey is intuitive, extremely smart and excellent at translating her skills to kids on every level. Having moved to the suburbs, where all of my children needed coaching on different subjects, Kailey has been excellent at helping and coaching in every subject. Being a parent and helping with work is tough — Kailey both helps my kids and is able to help me!”


“Kailey gives 110% effort in helping your child succeed. Her one-on-one ACT tutoring gives each child the individualized attention they need. The feeling of confidence and success my children have felt with their improved progress is worth its weight in gold”.